1. Docking station can be rised and falled, the iphone 5, 4 s, android mobile phone can be directly inserted into the charging,interface can plug replacement. 2. The folding mobile phone support, keep the cell phone charging, the movie is very convenient (mobile phones can be placed horizontally). 
3. The function of alarm (for the alarm clock every day and day). 
4. The built-in FM radio. 
5. Stereo bluetooth and bluetooth hands-free calls, with a NFC function. 
6. The built-in 2600mA large-capacity lithium batteries. 
7. The speaker power 3w x 2,with two bass diaphragm, sound quality is quite good. 
8. U disk play and USB charging. 
9. LCD display, backlight brightness can be adjusted. 
10. The standard 3.5 mm audio input interface play songs any phone or computer. 
11. A full-function remote control design. 
12. Decorative lamp At the bottom can be controled ON or OFF by switch.