1.PLL electronic adjust FM radio function 
2.With the iphone 5 docking station, can be directly inserted into the iphone 5, 5s,6, iPod Touch5, iPod Nano7 etc playing and charging. 
3.AUX function: 3.5 MM audio input, output can be connected MP3, PC, PDA, computer equipment, etc 
4.LCD clock display, highlighting white backlight, adjustable backlight brightness 
5.Alarm function: double alarm-the alarm clock can be set to own ringtones, FM radio, iPod/iPhone music playing 
6.Bluetooth playing(control last,next,play and pause) and Hands-free phones 
7.Double USB charging( 1.1A, 2.1 A) ,at the same time for the iPhone, the device by two USB charging 
8.SNOOZE,SLEEP (Regular automatic shutdown function) 
9.MUTE function 
10.large size 82 * 40 mm TN LCD display 
11.Touch control system 
12.heavy bass, high-power output shock sound 
13.All function can be remote