Individual battery packs for your guests to charge freely. Twelve portable batteries allow you to charge your phone and tablet on-the-go or anywhere in your business; includes all charging tips. No need to sit next to a charging station or wall outlet again. Model: PS12


Included Charging Cables
1x Micro USB (Non Apple Devices)
1x Apple MFi Lightning Adapter Cable

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 12 lb
Width: 9.4 in
Depth: 7.1 in
Height: 12.5 in

Battery Packs

Weight: 1 lb
Width: 3.3 in
Height: 6.7 in
Depth: .95 in

10,000mAh per battery

Input / Output
Cable Output: 5V/1.5A each
Wall Adapter Input: 100-240V ~ 2A 50/60Hz
Wall Adapter Output: 18V DC 4.0A