• Spatula can achieve consistent finishing and cooking

  • Motion is adjustable by 3 steps by motor with Inverter Control

  • E-stop is a new function for your safety at emergent occasion

  • Fire Safety device: gas supply will be automatically cut when fire become off

  • Easy to operate

  • Reduce labour and human error

  • Does not require skilled chef for cooking 

  • Consistency in every dish

  • Consistent heat transfer and wok tossing

  • Blast Burner: Increase heat efficiency by 30%, save gas consumption by 20%

  • Productivity: approx. 5 minutes per cooking or 8,000g per hour

  • Stong body construction - front and side panels are made of stainless steel 304



          Width : 500 mm
          Height : 750 mm
          Length : 650 mm



          Power : 220V 50Hz Single Phase (with build-in transformer)
          Elect. Consumption : 200W
          Gas : LPG, 13A, etc.
          Gas Consumption : 15,000 kcal/hr or 17.4kw/hr
          Weight : 80 kg
          Flame power : weak, medium, strong
          Tossing speed : slow, medium, fast


Capacity: 800g / cook